About Pryme

    Pryme is Australia and New Zealand's leading provider of industrial PPE products including hydration, cooling, ergonomics, tool tethering, skin care and sunscreen. Whilst travelling in the United States, Terry Houlihan came across an opportunity to combat heat stress injuries and dehydration in the workplace. Pryme was born to anticipate on these problems along with accompanied products. Knowing the lack of awareness and products that aid hydration, Terry saw one brand sticking out form the rest. That brand was Sqwincher.

    In 1999 Pryme was officially registered for business with Sqwincher being their principal product range. Pryme's focus was, and still to this day, to raise awareness and to combat heat stress in the Australian and New Zealand workplace. Over the years, Pryme has established itself as an international leader in a wide variety of PPE products. Pryme is now active in Australia, New Zealand, the South Pacific rim, Asia, the middle east, and South Africa.

    Besides combating dehydration with Sqwincher, Pryme adds more value to the industrial PPE market with the global brands Ergodyne and Peter Greven. With Ergodyne being the leader in a wide range of work gear products and Peter Greven in industrial skin care solutions. Pryme has strategic locations in Brisbane, Perth, and Auckland New Zealand to effectively supply the Australian and New Zealand markets with PPE needs. With over 20 years of experience in distribution throughout Australia, New Zealand, and other parts of the world, Pryme is the largest provider of Sqwincher, Ergodyne, and Peter Greven outside the USA.

    Making the workplace a better place since 1999

    Our Core Values

    Pryme's Great Team

    Terry Houlihan

    Managing and Sales Director

    Terry Houlihan is the founder and Managing Director of Pryme Australia Pty Ltd. Over the course of 15 years Terry has grown Pryme from humble beginnings to being a leading supplier of internationally recognised, high-quality industrial workplace solutions. Terry's knowledge and commitment to reducing the incidence of heat stress related illness has positioned Pryme as a leading provider of hydration solutions to industrial markets.

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    Harish Chand, CPA

    Financial Controller

    Harish Chand has been with Pryme for over five years and is a qualified CPA with extensive background in accounting, finance and business management. He has over 20 years of experience in management positions and has worked across several industries including mining services, wholesale, retail, manufacturing and construction. At Pryme, Harish manages all aspects of financial management and administration and adds tremendous value through planning and controlling all financial matters and works closely with each department head to ensure each departmental goal is achieved.

    Harish also works very closely with the managing director in relation to business strategic planning and budgeting. Here his focus is to ensure Pryme meets its overall financial goals and plays a vital role in driving business performance and profitability.

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    Mike Bouma

    Marketing Coordinator

    Graduated with a bachelor in Business Administration, majored in Marketing, Mike Bouma brings a wide variety of experience in both traditional and digital marketing to Pryme's table. Originally from the Netherlands, Mike has worked in different parts of the world to become a well-rounded marketing professional. After three years of Marketing in the Netherlands, Mike worked in Central America as a Marketing Executive and continued his career in Melbourne as a Brand Manager. For nearly two years now, Mike has settled himself in Brisbane and has consulted several businesses to enhance their digital marketing.

    Currently Mike is managing all marketing activities at Pryme and works closely with Pryme's global brands to increase the brands' awareness throughout the Australian and New Zealand markets. Mike also works closely with Pryme's preferred distributor partners in Australia and New Zealand to effectively launch several mutual marketing campaigns.

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    Melissa Dillon

    Customer Service Manager

    Melissa Dillon has been in Customer Service for over 16 years. Melissa has worked in the construction industry for 11 years now and has a wide range of knowledge in all industrial and safety products. Melissa has been with Pryme for the past 5 years now and as a Customer Service Manager, she makes sure the customer service department runs smoothly. Melissa goes above and beyond ensuring her customers receive the best level of service no matter the challenges. Her motto is customers are number one. Melissa has a bubbly character and makes sure that the sun shines in Pryme's office every day.

    Melissa has won an industry award for her customer service excellence, her passion for customer excellence is evident in her day to day operations.

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    Debbie Taylor

    Customer Service Representative

    Debbie Taylor is the newest member of our Pryme team and looks closely after Pryme New Zealand. She also assists with all customer service activities for Pryme Australia. Debbie is originally from Auckland, New Zealand and is therefore a great addition to Pryme's team for our New Zealand based customers. Debbie has been living in Brisbane for over 30 years and is enjoying the Australian culture and sunshine.

    Debbie has over 20 years' experience in customer service, inventory management and warehousing. Previously she worked in the medical diagnosis profession as a procurement and inventory management officer. Debbie has commitment to her customer's and goes the extra mile to achieve excellence.

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    Industry Experts

    Our history says it all


    Terry Houlihan established Pryme Australia and Pryme New Zealand

    In 1999 Terry Houlihan established Pryme Australia and New Zealand. The very first agency established is Sqwincher. This product at the time and still to this day remains the market leader in its class. Sqwincher and Pryme have maintained a great working relationship over the years which has expanded to both international imports and locally based products manufactured.

    This was a watershed moment in the Industrial Safety Products market as Sqwincher was the first Industrial Electrolyte Hydration range of its type.

    Australia Quickly embraced the product and Pryme was under way.


    Headquarters and Warehouse established in Darra

    Pryme expanded into a new facility and established both its headquarters and warehouse in Darra. The new facility allowed both the office and warehouse to be situated in one location, which contributed to a more effective distribution throughout Australia.


    Pryme expands in bigger warehouse and office

    Further growth resulted in expanding into an even bigger warehouse and office at Limestone street in Darra.

    With more warehouse space and modern office facility, Pryme established itself as one of Australia's leading wholesalers of PPE, with a specialised focus on heat stress management.


    Pryme signs partnership with global work gear brand Ergodyne

    Pryme signed off on the international agreement with one of America's most dynamic ergonomics, cooling and tool tethering manufacturers; Ergodyne.

    This represented a great opportunity to both companies. With synergies in the hydration and cooling markets here in Australia and New Zealand established with Sqwincher.

    Ergodyne is a great asset to the Australian & New Zealand markets.


    Pryme welcomes global industrial skin care brand Peter Greven to its portfolio

    Leading European industrial hand cleaner and skin care manufacturer Peter Greven is launched into the Australian and New Zealand markets.

    With years of experience, Pryme was searching for a brand that represented quality and variety. Peter Greven quickly became that option. With manufacturing facilities in Germany and the USA, Peter Greven gives its consumers a real alternative to traditional skin care and hand cleaners. To this day Peter Greven gains market share in the Australian and New Zealand Markets.


    International freight forward agreement

    Pryme secures international freight forward agreement with International Carrier Expeditors. This alliance gives Pryme great advantages in warehousing and shipping products into Australia, New Zealand and many other international ports of trade.


    Pryme moves to a new modern office in Darra

    Pryme Australia has moved to a new modern office facility in Darra. This represents a positive move forward. With increased space and purpose built conferencing rooms Pryme is providing local and international customers real time outcomes.