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    How Much Sqwincher Should I Consume

    By: Pryme AustraliaDate: 2017-11-21Tags: Sqwincher

    Quite often, we get asked how much Sqwincher someone should consume a day. Reality is that it’s hard to predict how much Sqwincher a person should have a day. It depends on various factors of the person in question like, weight, diet, lifestyle, how much activity someone has performed the past week and the intensity of activities they are currently performing. It also depends on various external factors like, temperature and humidity.

    For a thorough facility assessment to discuss and assess all heat related factors, we suggest contacting us. All organisations should have a proper hydration plan in place for all their workers in the field.

    Rule of Thumb

    When undergoing strenuous activity, our general rule of thumb on how much Sqwincher someone can consume, is one Sqwincher every 15-20min. However, when performing normal activities, 1 Sqwincher for every 2 cups of water will be sufficient.

    Sqwincher is a Food Product

    It is important to note that Sqwincher is a food product and not a medicinal product. The essential electrolyte nutrients in Sqwincher are Sodium and Potassium. A person can have 1500mg of sodium a day. To put this into perspective, Sqwincher is a low sodium product and only contain 55mg of sodium. There is 180mg of potassium in Sqwincher, whereas a banana contains 460mg of potassium. It is therefore safe to conclude that it’s virtually impossible to overdose of Sqwincher.

    Watch our hydration video regarding how much Sqwincher should I consume?, with our Sqwincher hydration specialist, Michael Temple.

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