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    Pryme supports Auckland U18s & U16s Girls Teams at the New Zealand Touch Footy Nationals in 2019

    By: Pryme AustraliaDate: 2019-03-14Tags: Pryme

    Pryme proudly supported the Auckland U18s & U16s Girls Teams at the New Zealand Touch Footy Nationals in 2019. The mega event that took place between 8th and 10th February 2019 witnessed 16 enthusiastic teams battle it out on the field for the pole position.

    Pryme also supplied its electrolyte-enhanced drink, Sqwincher, to the Open Nationals Touch Footy.

    The famed Auckland Open Women’s Development Team was a participant in this tournament. Both these tournaments were roaring successes with some amazing talents on display. The tenacity of every team was thoroughly tested in the challenging heat of Auckland and Rotura. Pryme’s Sqwincher helped them get through it by keeping them adequately hydrated.

    In the end, it was a victory for the sport itself more than any team or individual. Sqwincher played a vital role in ensuring smooth fruition of what had been an incredible tournament. Team Coach Delicia Weipa said “Sqwincher Hydration was essential to both team’s well-being and recovery over the 3 days where temperature was a solid 24 degrees through the day. Sqwincher also reduced costs for our parents!”

    How Sqwincher helps a sportsperson

    Pryme understands how crucial proper hydration can prove during intense physical activities such as football matches. Athletes participating in compact tournaments like the Bunnings Championships - where four games are played each day on a 3-day schedule - are at high risks of dehydration and other conditions associated with the lack of adequate fluid and electrolyte levels in the body. The high temperature, hovering above 24°C for a significant portion of the day, doesn’t help either.

    The human body metabolises faster during intense physical activities. Under normal circumstances, an average human stomach is capable of processing about a litre of fluid. During sporting events, athletes lose fluid faster through sweat than the stomach can process. The result: dehydration and the ensuing nausea and breathlessness due to it.

    A lot of essential minerals and electrolytes are lost through sweat as well. A human body needs urgent replacement of these elements, especially when performance is at stake.

    Sqwincher has proven time and again how it can help athletes maintain stamina and endurance on-field. Sqwincher is enriched with essential electrolytes which help their bodies retain an adequate amount of fluid by maintaining the osmotic pressure within blood vessels.

    The blood sugar level is also a critical factor to consider. A sudden change in the sugar level can affect the physical and mental adeptness of athletes. Excess sugar leads to a lowered rate of fluid absorption by the stomach, while its deficiency leads to lower energy output. Sqwincher maintains just the right sugar balance and ensures that the fluid is absorbed readily.

    Pryme and its rich association with Touch NZ

    Pryme takes immense pride in sponsoring the 2019 Bunnings Junior National Championships as well as Open Nationals Touch Footy. Both these tournaments are of huge significance in New Zealand.

    The talented athletes who took part in these competitions were very ably looked after by Sqwincher. It was offered to athletes from both under-18 and under-16 teams.

    Sqwincher played an essential role in ensuring that the competition was completed with minimum disruption. All the drinks were provided free of cost.

    Pryme has an extremely fulfilling association with Touch New Zealand, the governing body of these tournaments. Touch NZ operates over 200 competitions across New Zealand. The company aims to supply Sqwincher in as many matches as possible to help promising athletes, and minimize their physical hurdles towards glory.

    Sports are an essential part of the Kiwi culture. Pryme ensures that athletes always stay adequately hydrated, so that they can give their best. Every time.

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