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    Sqwincher Testimonials

    By: Pryme AustraliaDate: 2017-11-20Tags: Sqwincher

    Stephan Thelan, Mine Site Worker, Port Hedland, Western Australia

    "For the first two weeks, I was in hospital three times. I wasn’t drinking enough water; I was only consuming 600mL of water a day. I was severely dehydrated. I had cramps, headaches and I felt drained and run down. I was losing lots of salt as well, my clothes started turning white and I started getting rashes. I had to go on a saline drip when I was in hospital. I was about to head home because I wasn’t surviving up there, however, I was recommended to use an electrolyte replacement drink called Sqwincher. Sqwincher really saved my life".

    Jo-Anne Coleman, Registered Nurse Name

    "Sqwincher as a preventative therapy, tastes great, is scientifically formulated and will aid in the effects of dehydration".

    Wendy Deeg, Registered Nurse

    “Sqwincher was introduced into our Steelmaking plant in mid-2000 with better than anticipated results. Since this introduction, there has not been one reported incident of heat exhaustion/fatigue, or work related collapse, remembering the conditions can be extreme during summer. Due to the varied packaging it is possible for even the most mobile of workers to have Sqwincher on hand anytime, anywhere. The results are not only in the reported injury stats, but also in the workers. Based on these facts, Sqwincher is an important asset on the production/maintenance lines”.

    Mark Costello, Quartermaster Australia Pty Ltd

    ”I started Quartermaster Australia in 2001 to provide Food packs and Electrolyte products to the essential and emergency services market. In my search for products I came across Terry and the Sqwincher range. Sqwincher was exactly the product I required to complement the long life meal packs we were producing”.

    Emma Coman-Jeffries, Triathelete, Winner QLD Triathlon Series 2011, 2010

    “The small size and convenient packaging allows me to take products out during rides and runs. To any athlete who pushes their body to the limits and understands the importance of hydration and electrolyte replacement I recommend including Sqwincher products as part of your nutritional plan”.

    Coach Jeff, Ultra Marathon Runner, Professional Sports Trainer

    “To put Sqwincher to the test, I have been using and testing it for many months in a variety of training and working situations, as I prepare for ultra marathons. I can carry several hours worth of Sqwincher sugar free Qwik Stiks in my pocket and as long as I have access to water, presto my electrolyte needs are taken care off. The best part is that Sqwincher is fantastic on my stomach and remains palatable no matter what the temperature or how long it is in my bottle. Simple – Coach Jeff uses and recommends Sqwincher Electrolyte Replacement Powder”.

    Monty Betham, New Zealand Rugby League, Professional Boxer

    “I have struggled to drink water over the years, but realise the importance of hydrating for top performance. Sqwincher makes hydrating a treat; not only has a great taste but has other added benefits like electrolytes, without the sugar”.

    Peter Skarshewski, Food Technologist, Food for Thought Consulting

    “An outstanding feature of the Sqwincher range of products is that they contain some of the lowest sodium contents on a per serve basis of any product in the market. This is an important benefit for any individual who wishes to maintain good hydration whilst managing a low sodium outcome in their daily dietary regime”.

    Gillian Steel, CEO, Portion Pack Foods Ltd

    “Portion Pack Foods Ltd has supplied a variety of flavours of Sqwincher electrolyte drink powder to the Australian Defence and other emergency service organisations for the last 7 years and it has been a readily accepted and well liked product”.

    Kokoda Chicks 2012 team member Jenny Arnold comments using Sqwincher on the Kokoda Track, Papua New Guinea

    “No one was dehydrated or had cramps even though it was extremely hot every day. One of our team members, Tiffany, who usually suffers from severe cramping was drinking the Sqwincher Qwik Serves and didn’t get a cramp for the whole nine days”. Read their full story here.

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