By: Pryme AustraliaDate: 2017-11-13

    5 Reasons Why Sqwincher

    Sqwincher is Australia's, New Zealand's and America's leading electrolyte enhanced beverage used for industrial applications. Research comparing 53 electrolyte products, independent tests with food technologists, interviews with medical professionals and sports nutrition experts have identified 5 key reasons why Sqwincher is the leading choice for effective hydration both on the workplace as well as for sports.Read Now

    By: Pryme AustraliaDate: 2017-11-20

    Are Unacclimatised FIFO and DIDO Workers at a Higher Risk for Dehydration and Heat Stress Illnesses?

    Fly in Fly out (FIFO) and Drive in Drive out (DIDO) workers form a significant part of the Australian industrial workforce. Often travelling long distances frequently to tough, hot environments can increase environmental heat stress. Studies show that a worker performing heavy manual work in the heat can take up to 10 days or more to safely adapt to the work conditions.Read Now

    By: Pryme AustraliaDate: 2017-11-20

    What is Sqwincher and What are Electrolytes?

    Whether you are working or doing sports, if you sweat you lose essential nutrients. Especially when undergoing strenuous activity, you are more likely to lose more nutrients and eventually get dehydrated. Our bodies need more than water alone to avoid dehydration. We need to replace all the essential nutrients we lose through sweat and urinating, known as electrolytes.Read Now

    By: Pryme AustraliaDate: 2017-11-20

    Sqwincher for Sports

    The true value of electrolyte replacement drinks is never more evident than during elite sports, particularly top level athletics where every ounce of energy can make a difference at the finish line. Former nationally-ranked middle distance runner in the UK; 21 year old Nadia Fidler puts much of her race-day success during a five-year career down to the role of electrolytes in replacing lost fluids. Nadia competed in track events, cross-country and marathons on a regular basis in the UK before coming to Australia to study, but still finds time to hit the pavement. After years of using different products she said Sqwincher was now her favourite electrolyte replacement drink.Read Now

    By: Pryme AustraliaDate: 2017-11-20

    Cold Stress, a Productivity Buster in the Workplace

    Working in cooler conditions without proper protective clothing may be putting employees at risk of cold stress, contributing to poor productivity in the workplace. People who work outside in cold temperatures, in cold wind or in wet conditions were most at risk, according to the New Zealand Department of Labour’s report Guidelines for the Management of Work in Extremes of Temperature. The report listed several New Zealand working environments with the potential to produce cold stress including “work in refrigerated plant in the food processing industry, diving or outdoor work in winter”. Read Now

    By: Pryme AustraliaDate: 2017-11-20

    Sqwincher Testimonials

    "For the first two weeks, I was in hospital three times. I wasn’t drinking enough water; I was only consuming 600mL of water a day. I was severely dehydrated. I had cramps, headaches and I felt drained and run down. I was losing lots of salt as well, my clothes started turning white and I started getting rashes. I had to go on a saline drip when I was in hospital. I was about to head home because I wasn’t surviving up there, however, I was recommended to use an electrolyte replacement drink called Sqwincher. Sqwincher really saved my life".Read Now

    By: Pryme AustraliaDate: 2017-11-20

    Women conquer Kokoda track with boost from Sqwincher

    A group of Aussie women have powered through a 100km trek in the Papua New Guinean jungle thanks to sponsorship from a national electrolyte replacement drinks distributor; Sqwincher. The fundraising group Kokoda Chicks 2012 raised $104,000 for breast cancer after trekking the Kokoda Track in Papua New Guinea in October 2012. The 16 women kept up their energy on the arduous mountain trek thanks to sponsorship from Pryme Australia, which distributes Sqwincher rehydration drinks.Read Now

    By: Pryme AustraliaDate: 2017-11-20

    Check your Urine for Dehydration

    It might sound strange, but yes, the colour of your urine indicates whether your body is dehydrated or not. It’s therefore a good and simple indication factor to see if you get enough fluids into your body. Be aware though that the electrolytes in your body are not reflected through the colour of your urine. You could be hydrated well enough but if you are sweating and urinating frequently, your body requires electrolytes to replace the nutrients your body loses. If you feel weak or tired, your body requires more electrolytes to restore its nutrients and energy levels.Read Now

    By: Pryme AustraliaDate: 2017-11-20

    Symptoms of Heat Illnesses and Heat Stress

    Heat makes you lose more fluids regardless of work conditions. The loss of fluids increases when you factor in PPE, the kind of safety uniforms or clothing worn and how hard the job is on the body. Because of these factors, there is a great potential for dehydration, heat stress and heat illnesses. To ensure safety, all work environments should have a temperature benchmark for heat that exceeds standard precautions and considers all variables like PPE and heat released from machinery and equipment.Read Now

    By: Pryme AustraliaDate: 2017-11-21

    How Much Sqwincher Should I Consume

    Quite often, we get asked how much Sqwincher someone should consume a day. Reality is that it’s hard to predict how much Sqwincher a person should have a day. It depends on various factors of the person in question like, weight, diet, lifestyle, how much activity someone has performed the past week and the intensity of activities they are currently performing. It also depends on various external factors like, temperature and humidity.Read Now

    By: Pryme AustraliaDate: 2017-11-21

    Sqwincher Saves Mine Site Worker’s Life

    A mine site worker who was hospitalised for dehydration three times in a month says his condition only improved after he started drinking Sqwincher rehydration drinks. ACT resident Stephen Thelan started suffering from dehydration symptoms after he began working as a labourer at a Port Hedland iron ore site in northern WA seven years ago. The conditions were unforgiving – temperatures regularly reached 45 degrees Celsius, there was no shade and he had to wear hot, protective clothing and a helmet every day.Read Now

    By: Pryme AustraliaDate: 2017-11-21

    Soaring temperatures increase risk for workers

    Heat waves have killed more Australians than any other natural disaster in the past 200 years. Some Australian cities such as Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney and Adelaide, have experienced significant deaths in heat events since the turn of the century. In 2009, 173 people perished in the Black Saturday bushfires in Victoria. During that same week – where the maximum daily temperature was 46.4 degrees Celsius in Melbourne – more than 370 people died from extreme heat in Victoria.Read Now

    By: Pryme AustraliaDate: 2017-11-21

    Causes and Symptoms of Dehydration

    The human body is comprised of over 60% water. Exposure to hot environments and/or strenuous activity leads to sweating. Without adequate hydration this will lead to dehydration and heat stress. There are various factors that can cause dehydration. The factors below may specifically contribute to an increased incidence of dehydration and heat stress on work sites.Read Now

    By: Pryme AustraliaDate: 2017-11-21

    Thermal Hazards

    Working in hot weather safety includes identifying Thermal hazards that may exist in your workplace. Identifying heat hazards in the workplace and taking adequate control measures to reduce risk, can help increase safety of workers and avoid dehydration in the workplace.Read Now