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    Ice vest with ice packs - 6215

    Ergodyne 6215 Phase Change Vest

    Ergodyne's 6215 Phase Change Cooling Vest is designed to keep a constant 18° to keep workers cooler, safer and more productive. This vest is used in environments without any airflow like underground, in buildings, etc. The 6215 ice vest is ideal for extreme heat applications and is also fire resistant. It comes with two charging packs for the back and front of the vest.

    Key features:
    • Maintains constant 18ºC
    • Cooling lifecycle lasts up to four hours
    • Comfortable cotton construction with hook & loop closure
    • Extended vest surface area to enhance cooling power
    • Modacrylic cotton blend FR fabric
    • Non-toxic, non-carcinogenic, dielectric substance
    • Reflective accents

    There is extra or replacement charging packs available, as well as vest extenders to increase the size of the vest.

    Part numbers:
    • Small / Medium: 12220
    • Large / Extra Large: 12221

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