Tool Tethering

    The second step to secure your tools properly is tethering. Once all tools have a connection point the appropriate tethering solution can be selected. Consider the following factors to select the appropriate solution: weight of tool, type of connector(s) on lanyard, clearance, reach, and snag hazard. Link the trap point between you and the tool.

    Retractable tool lanyard carabiner and loop - 3001
    Retractable tool lanyard loop ends 3-pack - 3026
    Retractable tool lanyard carabiner ends 3-pack - 3025
    Hard hat elastic lanyard - 3155
    Hard hat coil lanyard - 3158
    Accessory anchor secure tool buckets - 3175
    Coil tool lanyard - 3130
    Tool lanyard dual swiveling locking carabiner - 3119fx
    Tool lanyard dual locking carabiner - 3118fx
    Tool lanyard dual locking carabiner - 3110fx
    Tool lanyard single swiveling locking carabiner - 3109fx
    Tool lanyard single locking carabiner - 3108fx
    Tool lanyard single composite locking carabiner - 3107fx
    Tool lanyard single locking carabiner modular - 3102fx
    Detachable lanyard single carabiner - 3102
    Tool lanyard single locking carabiner - 3100fx
    Tool lanyard single carabiner - 3100
    Ergodyne Squids 3000 retractable tool lanyard
    Tool lanyard heavy duty dual locking carabiner - 3139
    Tool lanyard heavy duty single locking carabiner - 3129