Ergodyne Work Gear Product

    Cold shrink trap - 3723 / 3724 / 3726

    Ergodyne Squids cold shrink trap

    Cold Shrink Traps capture Squids® Elastic Tool Tails™ creating a retrofit connection point for tethering. Maximum capacity up to 5lbs (2.3kg) depending on tool, tail and lanyard used.

    Captures the following Squids tool tails: Key features:
    • Fits tool diameter range of 1.9cm to 6.4cm
    • Cold Shrink technology from 3M requires no heat source
    • No additional tools needed to ensure a secure connection on tool
    • EPDM rubber material resists acids, alkalies, and extreme temps
    • Patent Pending application is the quickest and easiest way to create an attachment point
    • Maximum safe working capacity: from 2.3kg to 6.8kg depending on tool, tail and lanyard used
    • Third party tested using a 2:1 safety factor
    Part numbers:
    • 7.6cm – 2.3kg: 19723
    • 10.2cm – 4.5kg: 19724
    • 15.3cm – 6.8kg: 19726

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