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    Moisturising lotion repairs skin 2000ml soft bottle - Peter Greven

    After skin care lotion Spezial D

    Restoring the skin to its natural state of health is fundamental to maintain a healthy skin. It helps to prevent dermatitis and skin disease. Skin that’s continuously exposed to harsh chemicals, abrasive material or dying elements becomes depleted of its natural moisture and integrity. Damaged or dry skin becomes a weakness to the body, allowing contaminants to penetrate through the skin. Prevent possible body harm or illness by restoring the skin to its natural state through the regular use of a moisturising after-care product.

    Key features:
    • Supports the natural regenerative process of the skin
    • Moisturising and helps to support the skin’s natural strength
    • Fast absorbing and non greasy feel
    • Light fragrance
    • Silicone free

    Part number: 12905030

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