Sqwincher Hydration Product

    Sqwincher double compartment cooler

    Sqwincher Double Cooler

    More options for better hydration with the Sqwincher Double Cooler. Double up with fresh undiluted Sqwincher Lite and cool water in the same cooler. Sqwincher stays cold in the outer container, and the ice that keeps it cool, melts to provide fresh cool drinking water in the inner container.

    Key Features
    • 7.5L Ice/Water Container, 19L Drink Container
    • Dual compartment ensures no dilution
    • Ice container provides water and also chills Sqwincher
    • Bright green colour for better visibility
    • Convenient sturdy side handles
    • Twist the lid and tilt to drain extra ice water and refill with fresh ice
    • No contamination

    Part number: SQ02

    Replacement parts for this cooler:
    • Replacement lid - part number: 158400304
    • Replacement Spigot | White - part number: 158400202
    • Replacement Spigot | Blue - part number: 158400203

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