Sqwincher Hydration Product

    Electrolyte 500ml liquid concentrate

    Sqwincher 500ml concentrate

    Sqwincher's 500ml electrolyte liquid concentrate mixed to 5L of regular Sqwincher.

    Key Features
    • Regular Sqwincher
    • For use in a 5L cooler or simply sqweeze to taste in your bottle
    • Low Sodium, Caffeine-free, Gluten Free
    • Great taste for increased fluid consumption
    • Each 500ml bottle yields a total of 5L Sqwincher
    Directions of Use
    • Mix one 500ml bottle into a 5L cooler
    • Or: mix to taste into a bottle, glass, or cup
    • Recommended mixing ratio is 1 part of concentrate to 9 parts of water

    Part number: SQ0034 - Case with 4 assorted flavour bottles of lemon lime, orange, and wildberry

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