Sqwincher Hydration Product

    Electrolyte Sugar Free Powder

    Sqwincher qwik stiks

    Sqwincher's electrolyte sugar free powder, also called Qwik Stiks, is an electrolyte enhanced beverage, which contains zero sugar.

    Key features
    • Sugar-Free for zero calories
    • Convenient single serve packaging for portion control
    • Low Sodium, Caffeine-free, Gluten Free
    • Great taste for increased fluid consumption
    Directions of Use
    • Pour contents of the sachet into a 500-600ml drink bottle
    • Fill with water and shake well
    • Enjoy a great hydration drink

    Part numbers:

    • Mixed Flavours: SQ0104
    • Orange: SQ0100
    • Mixed Berry: SQ0101
    • Lemonade: SQ0103
    • Grape: SQ0106
    • Lemon Lime: SQ0107
    • Strawberry: SQ0108
    • Cool Citrus: SQ0109

    Case size: 10 packs of 50 stiks

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