Squids 3180 Tool Tethering Kit - 2lbs / 0.9kg

Squids 3180 Tool Tethering Kit - 2lbs / 0.9kg
Squids 3180 Tool Tethering Kit - 2lbs / 0.9kg

The Squids® 3180 Tool Tethering Kit allows you to tether up to six 2lbs / 0.9kg tools, making it easy to use your tools while preventing dropped objects when working at heights.


Includes a Squids® 3130S Coil Lanyard, a 12ft / 3.7m roll of Squids® 3755 Self-Adhering Tape Trap, and six Squids® 3700 Web Tool Tails.


It has always been a challenge to connect tool lanyards to small hand tools. This kit contains product solutions for tethering small hand tools weighing less than 2lbs / 0.9kg including: pliers, claw hammers, cat’s paws, utility knives, jab/drywall saws, caulking knives, nips and trowels.


Connection points for tool lanyards are not always readily available on these tools, which can create a hazardous environment while working at heights. Simply measure and cut the tape to the specified length listed in the full instructions. Lay the tool tail (with web catch points facing up) on the tool being tethered and wrap the tape once around itself beginning below one of the web catch points. Continue wrapping and stretching the tape firmly, overlapping previous laps by 0.5in - 0.75in / 13mm - 19mm. Continue wrapping until you reach the end. Firmly push down on the end and attach the Squids® Tool Lanyard to complete the tethering system. See full instructions for more details.

Squids® 3180 Tool Tethering Kit - 2lbs / 0.9kg

  • TESTED & APPROVED – Approved to the ANSI/ISEA 121-2018 Standard
  • MAX TETHERING CAPACITY – Tether up to six 2lbs / 0.9kg tools
  • Squids® 3700 Web Tool Tails™ - 2lbs / 0.9kg (6-Pack)
  • ULTRA-STRENGTH – 4.5in / 11.5cm long double-stitched nylon webbing
  • Squids® 3755 Self-Adhering Tape Trap - 12ft / 3.7m Roll
  • EASY APPLICATION – Self-Adhering Tape (requires no heat)
  • Squids® 3130S Coiled Cable Lanyard - 2lbs / 0.9kg
  • COILED DESIGN – Prevents snag and tangle hazards
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